Pharoah Muse

Attention: Don't add me on Skype or Discord without paying for a show first and I will be ready within 5 minutes.


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*Hypnosis and Findom Cam shows are 5.99 per minute.

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$2.99 per minute

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$500 per month

About Me
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Female
  • Body Type: BBW
  • Hair Color: Multicolor
  • Hair Length: Very Long
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Breast Size: Huge
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Spoken Language(s): English, Spanish
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Attention: Don't add me on Skype or Discord without paying for a show first and I will be ready within 5 minutes.



Journey into the captivating world of Pharoah Muse, where history, culture, and the extraterrestrial collide! As an Afro-Latina cosplayer, Pharaoh Muse brings to life the majestic elegance of ancient Egypt's Nubian empire while seamlessly blending her love for space and sci-fi. With an uncanny ability to speak alien languages such as Klingon, she bridges the gap between earthly history and intergalactic intrigue.



About Me: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing fusion of cultures as I embody the iconic Nubian queen, showcasing stunning costumes and intricately detailed makeup that captures the essence of ancient Egypt. Multilingual Marvel: Immerse yourself in an otherworldly experience as I engage in conversations with viewers in mesmerizing Alien languages such as Klingon. From sci-fi enthusiasts to language lovers, everyone is invited to explore this linguistic adventure.Cosplay Creations: Watch me transform into a Nubian God, channeling her power and mystique through the art of makeup and costumes. Alien Linguistics: Delve into the unknown as I decipher and speak alien languages from across the universe, showcasing my linguistic skills and unraveling the secrets of interstellar communication.Interact with me during streams to learn about the history behind the Nubian queen's rule, the cultures that shaped her, and the allure of space that ignites my passion for both history and sci-fi. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a cosplayer, or a seeker of the cosmic unknown, this black queen's streams are your gateway to an extraordinary journey.*MY CAM SESSIONS ARE ALWAYS Provocative AND THE MOST DARKER CALIBER..
I love: cam 2 cam, mic 2 mic, I have two HD cams, I use green screens, I use Discord AI Assistant, Findom Games, Foot Games, Puppets, and so much more.


Fetishes: Here are my fetishes again: Dark Hypnosis Findom, Mind Fuck, Mind Control, Mental Domination, Laughing fetish,Psychic cruelty JOI Sex Magick Magick Domination Intoxication Sex Psychic Readings Verbal Cruelty Taboo Black Girlfriend Domination Sci-fi Fantasies( Star Trek fantasies, Game of Thrones fantasies, and other sci-fi fantasies.),Blackmail Fetish, , Verbal Humiliation, Erotic Gaslighting, Mindfucking, Erotic Magic, Magic Control, and Femdom Witchcraft.


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My Schedule: When I'm Often/Usually Online
Cam shows 4pm-9pm
Phone sex/Texting: 12 am-7 am
Cam shows 4pm-9pm
phone sex/texting: 12am-7am
Cam Show: 4-9 pm
Phone calls: 12-7am
Cam shows 4pm-7pm
phone sex/texting: 12-7am

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About My Sessions

PHAROAH MUSE is a twisted cam Non-nude Mistress who specializes in making men cum in bondage. I have a very sensual mouth, two HD cams, Greenscreens. curvy body, Findom, Nerdy Sci-fi Shows, jarring symbolism, and black elegance

My rates: 10 minute minimum/ Non-nude cam shows only. I used both Discord and Skype. I used Green screens and AI assistants when it comes to cam shows.

*I do Star Trek fantasies and Games of Thrones fantasies in Klingon and High Valyrian. This is an extra 50 dollars.